Friday, March 16, 2007

Wreck This Journal

Keri Smith has created a new blog, to go along with her new book (released july 2007) called Wreck This Journal.

The following quote is found on her site. <---

Its things like this which make me feel creative. which make me feel excited. where i just want to go do something, like take photos of one spot.
something new for me, something which will express what i'm thinking and feeling.

Keri Smith inspires me. Her mind set inspires me.

it's a very good day.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Link the dark 24

i am starting to find a theme in these works, the topic of this page.
the great desire that we are wanted and needed, and even liked.
yes, it is a common part of my generation, as it is a common part of me.

When i feel people aren't interested in me i go quiet, unwilling to put anything forward, to stop the rejection. to stop the pain of the rejection.

picture of person from an art store on Degraves Place in Melbourne advertising something. black ribbon. another small card by Peter Gresham. silver stars, blue paper.
words by me.


Friday, March 09, 2007

Thinking Sketch 10

Oh emo sam i was last night. Feeling hurt and upset about friend stuff.

The thing which makes me feel a little guilty is that i did a very similar thing to a friend, to my old best friend in fact. after we finished school we went in different directions, and stopped hanging out. we're not really friends any more at all, but things are alright between us.

I'm worried and wondering if this situation will be the same.
And i'm trying not to care... (but i really do).


For Your Glory

Bored in one of my lectures, (professional communication practice. its a 100 subject) i drew the picture on the front of my note book.

i got this note book from a delightful asian shop in perth. the image in the front is in water colour, so my sketch looks a little dull in comparison. :)

(i like shading)


Friday, March 02, 2007

Link the dark 23

I haven't felt very inspired or creative recently.
and yet, thoughts have been swimming around in my head... mainly concentrating onto one topic. friendships.

i guess i miss having friends. good friends, close ones.
they all seem to be drifting away, and i guess with time and busyness, that happens.
i guess i miss having female friends too. a lot of the people i talk to are guys (and not so close either) and, i love them, but, it just isn't the same as hanging with female friends.

oh dear. that probably just all sounds emo.

the words on the blue stripey paper is from the Relient K song From End to End.
the cards are from a gallery on Flinders Lane in the city, and feature artist Peter Gresham.
other writing my own.


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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Real Encounters

I forgot i had drawn this, sunday night, while at a youth service. (it was on compassion, and finding a need and filling it)

just a quick sketch of a girl. i like the shading.