Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Journal Challenge

i have been inspired recently, by all thse journal book collages, and i have decided to make one. with a twist.

i have been inspired by the 1000 journals project where basically, the journals are sent off to different people around the world and they each do a two page spread.
unfortunatly, this hasnt gone too well with only ONE journal still in circulation.

so, as i was sitting waiting for my bus to uni this morning i have decided that i will buy a journal (A5, ofcourse. the best size :P) and i will ask my friends to decorate some pages, if they would like.
and maybe they can give it to their friends.
(to friends so you can harrass them if they take too long, or decide to keep it.)

im not sure if the journal will have a theme, though im thinking it will be better if it is an open theme to allow people to be free in what they express.

so, if you would like to participate in it, let me know :)

here are some cool links to go check out for others who have inspired me. i have really been getting into collages recently, even if my own have been absent.

Howl (and Shout, but you have to follow the link to see her work) has created a project where they create pretty cool postcards and leave them around to make people think.

Print and Pattern, a collection blog of rather cool err, prints and patterns.

Frankie Mag, the mag that cannot be described or catergorised.

Post Secret. some are pretty intense, weird, disturbing, adorable, and some i can relate to rather well. a weekly updated blog with postcards with secrets on them. i want to buy the book.

and, ofcourse, the original inspiration herself, Keri Smith from Wish Jar Journal fame.

Monday, September 11, 2006


a drawing i did a couple weeks ago, and i thought it wasnt finished. but now as i look upon it, i realise it is.

she is alone.

the clouds above are inspired by explodingdog (see links --->)

drawn while on the phone with steve.

Thinking Sketch 5

if you are attentive enough, you will notice that i seemed to skip no' 4. i did a no' 4 sketch, but i sent it to who it was concerning and i didnt feel the need to let everyone else see it.

this one i drew last night, while half on the phone to steve, and half waiting for him to get back into reception range.

i have randomly burst into tears the last two nights, and im not entirely sure why.
the pain i get from missing him is probably a factor, but im not sure if it the entire story.

oh well...

oh look. blogger let me add an image. how nice.