Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bec and Geoff's Wedding

(you are all going to see these in reverse, i just realised. hurrah for the way i add photos into blogger)

The happy new bride and I.

Jaclyn and Kat.

The decorations at the reception, plus a cutely hearted letter.


More of the decorations at the reception.
I didn't even realise they were fake, until i took a few photos of them.

During the speeches.

Tim being very proud of himself, after breaking a glass.

Iain and bridesmaid Elyce.

Bridesmaid Jess. (I love her expression!)

The beautiful bride and Kat.

The hair pins in Elyces hair.

In Ana's hair.

Bec's hair comb/clip thing. Apparently she searched everywhere for one, and then a day or two before the wedding, after she had given up looking, she found one.

Bec entered her reception with a lovely lace parasole.

The beautiful (and happy) bride!

Love this photo of El Nomel.


Iain, Alecia and Kat.

The photographer (and friend) James Burke.

Bec walking down the isle. the church had bad lighting for me to take good photos.

The picture drawn by Bec's sister Hannah.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Christmas and Arounds

Me. with make up on.
early January

my eyes.
Early Jan.

my eyes.

Early Jan.

my eyes.

Early Jan.

Grass, in the late afternoon sun.
early Jan.

my uncles pool table.
Christmas day.
i really like this photo.

my gorgeous cousin Steph.


two of my little cousins (there are four).
Shaylah and Jayden.

Steve and I.


the crack in a tree.

Becs Hens Day


Ana. i really like these two photos.

Elyce's bracelet her dad brought back from Egypt.


Elyce standing under the branches of an elm.

More Elle.

The view looking towards the ranges, from Chateau Yerring.
Look at that sky!

Jo has the best facial expressions, even if she hates posing for photos.


Jo Jo.

Elle looks so cute here. mischievous cute.

The bride to be (well, she is married now).

Hannah, Emily and Jaclyn.
the Beimers cousins.

Gosh Hannah is so gorgeous!

Ana and Hannah.

The food we were served (in the empty space were huge warm and fluffy scones.)

Yep, it tastes as good as it looks.

Late 07

lichen. at Jells Park.

the boys relaxing. Steve, Dave and Doug.

Steve and Dave.

April and Mum.
We had a picnic with mum and Doug in November, at Jells Park.

April and I playing on the train. November.

Close up of something at Lilydale Station. November.

Last Thursday.
Steve walking down the road.
Early January.

Steve doesn't really like posing for photos.
Early January.

Sunset, early January.

Dianella Revoluta.

Common flax lily.
it has flowered and these are the fruit.
a delightful native grass.