Monday, April 09, 2007

Maytag Sketch

something i drew, while bored in church yesterday.

i was drawing from memory, so her costume is wrong. but hey.

this is maytag, from the flipside comics. just one of the great webcomics i read, when they are updated.


Link the dark 27

the words are adapted from a prayer i found in a church of england prayer book.

done last night.

hand made paper, yellow envelope (that used to house my pay slip). butterfly thing. material from the page before (i folded it over). picture from a jewelry gallery on flinders lane. and buttons.


Monday, April 02, 2007

Link the dark 26

I was a little scared last night. I discovered something which isn't serious yet, but could become serious.

and i don't like doctors, or ringing up doctors, or doing things for the first time...


Link the dark 25

I have such an apathetic heart. my whole generation does. we have been lulled into getting exactly what we want, when we want and how we want, and damn to everyone else. its part of the consumption society we live in.

last week, through several things, i got woken up to my need to think outside the mush we are fed through our media, to question those things i have been told, to figure out why i do exactly what it is that i do and believe. and to not just say all the right words. but to do the actions that follow. and thats a really hard process. inertia wants me to stay as i am. comfortable. passive, consuming.
but perhaps God wants me to break out of that and to take a stand on those things which He is passionate about. and to not just talk about them. but to actually do it!

Writing is my own. Soul Sista card (its a Soul Survivor thing) and a tracing/drawing on some tracing paper, from the front of a Frankie mag and changed. thanks to Deviant Artist BethanySB for the inspiration for that.


Priority friends

Sermon notes from last sunday night, while visiting Gateway. well, visiting Mark and Jas actually, it just happened to be at Gateway.

sermon notes, chibi-ised.
complete with Jas's input. see that little line just near the guy on the rights head? Jas stole my pencil and decided to help. :P


Girl Drawing

Done yesterday in church.
had 'devistation and reform' by relient k stuck in my head.

she has very large eyes.