Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Link the Dark 22

this should really go before link the dark 21, as it is before it in my book. but oh well.

just a bit of experimentation with my pastels (not oil pastels). two hands reaching for each other (surprisingly hard to draw with pastels. pastels are a little like chalk and smudge really easily and rub off and you cant get firm lines easily.) with a pretty blue-ish ocean looking background.

nothing remarkable, but nice nevertheless.

sprayed with hairspray to seal it.


Link the Dark 21

(oops. i have actually done a picture the page before this one, so it should really be link the dark 22. but oh well. :))

Im not a huge fan of this one. it just doesn't seem to work for me... i have been feeling a little artistically challenged, unable to get the thoughts in my head coherent enough to put onto paper and art.

the devil has been attacking me a little, i have felt.

the prayer is from an old Church of England prayer book, the lyrics are from Jefferson, Aero Plane by Relient K. the image is from a post card for retreats for couples.
there is actually writing on the note in the little bag.


Monday, February 19, 2007

Guy 1

And this is why i don't draw guys... or people i know. (neither seem to work out how they are supposed to look.)

the mouth is wrong, but i dont know how to fit it. and the eye needs to be further into the face, not so much over to the ear.
this was drawn from a picture that was on my phone... and there is only so much i can do with a grey lead pencil.


Lead Me

a picture i drew in church yesterday morning, when my friend kelsey had her feet on the seat in front of me. a perfect thing to draw.

my first real attempt at drawing feet. often i just ignore them. :P

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Jefferson Aeroplane

the song has been on repeat, and some of the lines have been stuck in my head.
i think i can say with a touch of confidence that this is my favourite Relient K song...
we have decided that its about a break up, and i looked through all the lyrics of the band Jefferson Airplane (Starship), and none of them are the same. RK just borrow the name...

this is just a picture i drew, usuing a make up card as a reference, changed slightly, and then made it a little of a study into cross hatching.
in general, i got the desired effect, but i need a lot more practice if i am ever going to get better.
i contemplated leaving it with the slight blue tinge my scanner gives things, but decided against it.

the lyrics are from Jefferson, Aero Plane, by Relient K, and happen to be the ones stuck in my head.
took me about 15 - 20 minutes.


Thursday, February 01, 2007

Shadow Guy

just a sketch picture to work on shading...

i like the face and neck shading.

next quest should be working out how to draw clothes. :S

and guys hair...

and guy faces...

i once lamented to someone about not being able to draw guys. she told to me to watch more guys. that was weird. probably helpful advice, but to be staring at guys all the time...