Monday, December 25, 2006

Brick Boy

another random sketch, done in church.


Further Seems Forever Girl

a random girl i drew (she looks kinda funny) after reading Frankie (one super cool magazine) and feeling creative.
i then added further seems forever (a band) lyrics around her.


Thinking Sketch 9

Blessed be your name. by matt redman.

i was almost in tears in church yesterday, while singing that song. okay, i was in tears, but only a few of them.

we had a thanksgiving service, so i was just thinking of all the things i was thankful for. [mushyness] and i couldnt stop my mind going to thinking about my wonderful boyfriend who im very happy to have. [/mushy ness].

the swirly thingies are pretty. and fun to draw.

Link the dark 10

i got a photo of myself (from a year ago) from my pretty good friend bec, for christmas. along with a whole bunch of other photos. and so i decided to draw it.
its really only a quick sketch. i tried not to rub out too much. it left smudgeyness when i did anyway.
and the photo was only of my fact, not the top of my head, or anything below my neck. so i kinda just made that stuff up.

the mouth looks funny.

it kinda reminds me of one of those 1950's or so illustrations.


Link the dark 9

my sister gave me oil pastels for christmas. i was testing them out. and decided to make a christmas type of scene too.



Friday, December 22, 2006

Link the Dark 8

i asked a friend for some inspiration. he brought up a funny thing that happened a couple weeks ago, where he and another friend were watching the sunrise at, oh, 5:30am, and decided to call me. as they had been doing every two hours that night.

i was tired. so i quotes the relient k lyrics and hung up on them.

this has not much to do with that, it was just funny.

pages 8/9 (i think. or is it 10/11?)

the words under the hearts are my own, the other words are lyrics from the relient k song 'who i am hates who i have been'.

some gold and red hearts. some brown paper. a picture from a perth based artist. and a cool butterfly.


Thursday, December 21, 2006

Link the dark 7

pages 6/7.

i just realised this afternoon, after getting home from hanging wth some friends, that i know some pretty amazing people.

so i was rather thankful. :)

(this one is dedicated to all my friends. thanks :))

picture from a card, gold reflecty dot stickers, my writing, zig zag thingy and orange pastel.


Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Link the dark 6

pages 4/5 (technically 8/9).

im not really a very big fan of this one. it feels like there is something missing... or something.

the appleworks card is from a dry goods shop in eastland (local shopping centre/mall), the other fancy image is from i have no idea any more.
the two little pictures are from the Jehovah's Witness magazine, which one of them faithfully comes to delivery every month. (i think in the hope of converting me. except im rather happy with being a christian, which she knows anyway. still an interesting read)
the writing aroundf the outside is my prayer, and a random swirl.
outlined words.


Link the dark 6

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Link the dark 5

pages 2 and 3.
legs from Frankie (a really cool magazine), post it note and words are my own, and some

pretty paper.


Link the dark 4

page one.

a feather i found on my morning run, a playing card, some circles cut from a pretty peice of paper and words from the book.

its a strange book.


Monday, December 18, 2006

Link the dark 3

the second title page and authors note.

materials: plack guache, silver pencil, advant card, and selected words from the page.


Link the dark 2

the first title page.

materials: chocolate wrapper, dolly girl clothes tag, pastel, pencil.

Link the dark 1

i bought a delightful old book at my local op shop the other day. the cover is green. the pages are yellowed and water marked. was published around 1958. it has a mixture of old book and op shop smell. quite lovely in its own way.
it is called "the dark of summer" by eric linklater.
and i have decided to attack it, and change it, and join the wonderous ranks of book alter'rs.

its called "Link the Dark, Flee from the Dark."

Thinking Sketch 8

The Lord is my shepard, i shall not want.
yesterday in church we had a guest preacher who talked about the prison of want, the jail of greed.
it was really rather good actually. i felt the need to somehow draw my response to it.

the zigzag lightning thing up there covers up a phone number, of a missed call i got.

its kinda messy, kinda grubby, and not very picture driven. but i needed to get it down from what he was saying, from my head, into some semblence of me working it out.

its amazing how many times we say the word "want" in our normal conversation. think about it for a little while.

Saturday, December 16, 2006


i discovered this in my received files just before. i drew it, and sent it to a friend of mine ( at the start of the year, when my scanner wasnt working.and he scanned it. thus the line down the middle.
i drew this picture after i saw the movie "girl with a pearl earing" with scarlet johanson and colin firth.

i really like this picture.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thinking Sketch 7 / Protect Me

drawn last night. i was a little sad, and all these insecurities were hounding me. i didnt want to be like that. i didnt want to compare myself to my friends. to seek love and approval and attention from others, namely guys.
i want that to come from God. it does come from God.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Thinking Sketch 6

a combination of yesterday. sitting in church and then trying to figure out some stuff relating to a friend.

sometimes i love the anoniminity (thats not how you spell that word) of art.

i used my friend kelsey, who was sitting next to me in church, for the picture of the girl. and my own hand for the hand.

december 10th, 2006