Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Link the dark 29

again, i apologise about the quality of the picture.

the picture comes from Kareena Zerefos and was found in the latest edition of Frankie.

no buttons. my book is getting a little large. instead more pearly paper, black, silver and patterned paper instead.

if you look hard enough, you can see the corner of my eCulture text book trying to hold the page down.

done about a week ago.

link the dark 28

i apologise about the picture quality. my scanner is out of action (for some reason) and i finally got sick of waiting so i took a photo.

i did this one about two weeks ago (~16th of may-ish) after i stumbled upon the most beautiful section of a psalm by chance.

it works very well for me too, as i find it difficult to sleep in, and am often awake in time to see the sunrise.

its written on paper that i made, accompanied with a picture i have already used, pearly white paper courtesy of my sister and some attractive shiney buttons.

i kinda like it :) (and its not all emo either!)

Friday, May 18, 2007

A Touch of the Flash

i have been experimenting with the new camera. i thought i would upload the four photos that i didn't delete on here. and then continue to upload them onto my flickr account. i may post one or two of the notable photos here, or at Blonde Musings (no link for you!) in the future.
I turned the annoying timestamp option off after the first round of photos.