Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Link the Dark Photos.

Just a few cool photos of my 'Link the Dark' book. its getting quite large and full now. and i love it. so much colour and texture sticking out the ends.

Link the Dark 33

I really like this page, but i feel something is missing. its soft. i don't often use pink and white but it just seemed to fit with what i was feeling.

i watched Bruce Almighty yesterday, and one of the lines that 'God' says to Bruce is "come, walk closer with me". it struck something in me.
i have been wandering from Him these past few weeks and He spoke to me in a way that i actually heard.
its not that i'm walking away from God. its just He wants me to come closer and closer with Him. so that i may share and live in Him. and He in me.

the picture is from a free avant card of the Australian impressionists exhibition held at NVG last month. the words my own.


Link the Dark 32

I was going somewhere else with this page. but i didn't have the words to say it at the time.
and then a couple weeks past, and it didn't seem relevant. i finished it this morning by sticking in Psalm 23, and some ribbon. I am learning that the Lord is my Shepard.

the image of the hat is from some milliners exhibition at NGV earlier in the year, the swirly green is from a Soul Survivor poster.


Link the Dark 31

(Link the Dark 30 will not be published online due to its increased personal matter).

trying new techniques. more than just a collage.
the sketch of the girl didn't turn out how i wanted it to. but i still have the original sticking up on my wall. i'm trying to improve my anatomy.

all the words on the right page are from Relient K songs (Jefferson Aeroplane, Over Thinking, End to End, Getting Into You) and the left page is a prayer from "When I Talk to You" by leunig.

Done a little while ago (about 3 weeks ago. so mid june)

(yep, scanner is still out of action)